Social Program

Conferences are more than just listening to the newest insights in our field of research, it is about meeting people to discuss developments and to talk about novel opportunities. And of course, it is also about fun. As you are used to, at SVEPM conferences there will be plenty of time to interact. At Woudschoten conference centre there are excellent opportunities to do so. Of course there will be plenty of opporunities to socialize during coffee breaks and lunches. Besides those we are working on a number of great social events:

  • Tuesday, 26 March: Young-scientist event
  • Wednesday, 27 March: Welcome reception and social dinner
  • Thursday, 28 March: Gala dinner and party

The young-scientist event: A perfect opportunity for students, post-docs and other researchers in their early careers to meet during the young scientist evening

Similarly to previous SVEPM conferences, the 2019 SVEPM conference in Utrecht will again host the now famous young-scientist event. This is a great opportunity to meet and mingle for those researchers that are in the early phase of their career.

On Tuesday night, 26 March we will offer you an stimulating evening where you get to know each other, are informed about the conference and its contents and are introduced to the city of Utrecht. More information about the time, location and detailed programme will be provided on the website in due time.

Good for us, but unfortunately for those who did not register yet, the Young Scientist Meeting is fully booked at this moment. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please send an e-mail to

Welcome Reception and social dinner at Woudschoten convention centre

The welcome reception will conveniently take place on Wednesday 27 March at the conference venue in Woudschoten. During the reception you can meet and discuss the first conference day in the lounge bar of Woudschoten conference venue. The attractively decorated bar provides you with the perfect opportunity to relax, have a drink and catch up with colleagues.

After the reception a social dinner will be organized in the very beautiful restaurant area of the conference venue. You may expect a high quality dinner regardless of your dinner preferences. You can enjoy the creative and contemporary cuisine for which the Woudschoten chef is famous for, accompanied by a wide variety of refreshing drinks.

After your dinner experience, you can end your day with drinks in the attractively decorated society bar in the basement of the venue, which it is only a one minute walk from your hotel room.

 Gala Dinner at Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht

The gala dinner takes place on Thursday 28 March at Winkel van Sinkel at the city centre of Utrecht.

The Winkel van Sinkel is located in a unique, monumental building on the charming Oudegracht in the heart of Utrecht. This very special historic building was bought in 1824 by Anton Sinkel who transferred it into a shop which was opened in Utrecht in May 1839 and named de Winkel van Sinkel. The atmosphere in the store was classy and yet comfortable; Sinkel strived to make everyone feel at home. Anton Sinkel has been able to enjoy 9 years of his flourishing trade in Utrecht until he died in  1848. In 1898 the shop was sold to a bank company and after a merger in 1977,  the beautiful property became redundant and was left empty for a few years. In November 1995 a new restoration followed and the original name was restored: de Winkel van Sinkel. And like in Anton Sinkel’s time, since then there is a wide range of activities and possibilities. In addition to the cultural facilities and grand café restaurant in the Grote Zaal, de Winkel van Sinkel  has several cafés and terraces, meeting rooms, a club and a tapas restaurant in the cellar.

For those who want to stay for the weekend

The city of Utrecht and it´s surroundings have much to offer.