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Invitation to sponsor SVEPM 2019

It is still possible to joint SVEPM 2019 as sponsor and to participate in and contribute to the Conference and Annual Meeting of the SVEPM .

As you might know, SVEPM is a non-profit organisation operating in Europe, uniting scientists and specialists from the areas of veterinary epidemiology, protection of animal health and public health. Founded in 1982, today it unites approximately 250 members from 24 countries. The aim of the Society is to create opportunities for scientists involved in veterinary epidemiology to gather and, exchange knowledge to improve the health of animals, people and the environment. In order to reach the aim of the Society, every year SVEPM organises a conference somewhere in Europe.

The format of the conference comprises workshops as well as in-depth oral presentations on matters currently topical in the field of veterinary epidemiology. An important part of the conference is formed by poster presentations, the best of which get more attention as short oral presentations. The format and programme foster communication and networking between scientists. Two influential key note speakers have been asked to present at the plenary sessions. A detailed conference programme will be confirmed in November 2017.

Your sponsorship will contribute to the success of this event and offer you the opportunity to interact with the global community working in epidemiology and related disciplines. You can also actively engage with this diverse group, keeping up-to-date with the latest news and present your ideas.

What we can offer is opportunities to advertise your company and increase its visibility online and during the conference. Please find our subsidising opportunities offered in our sponsorship packages here. We are also open to alternative suggestions. For more information you may contact dr. Inge Santman-Berends at i.santman@gdanimalhealth.com or phone number +31 (0)648 497 162.

We hope you will consider to sponsor the SVEPM Conference and Annual Meeting.